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June 6, 2010

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Pokerace FR/LG Introduction

March 1, 2010

All the information should be in those links, and if you wish to join in you can comment with your progress to either of those pages.

As a summary, Unspeakable Evil are joining in on a pokemon race. The aim is to complete Pokémon FireRed or LeafGreen in the shortest time possible (measured by the in-game clock). This includes the Sevii Islands and the Super Elite 4. You can choose any starter you wish, but I and a few others chose to pick at random (I used a dice roll).

Other than to hopefully get people joining in, the point of this post is to start my personal log of the event. I will be updating probably daily with an account of times and progress. I will limit these posts to encompassing the journey between Gym Leaders etc. so for example, the first post will end with beating Brock, the second with beating Misty.

At the end I will collect all of the log for easy reading.



The Saboteur

February 23, 2010

After a long period of not posting on my own at Unspeakable Evil, I finally thought of something to write. So head on over and check out my review of The Saboteur.

The Saboteur 


That Borderlands Thingy

January 4, 2010

Last year I got Arkham Asylum. Then I got Borderlands before I finished Arkham Asylum. Then I finished Arkham Asylum. Then I couldn’t be bothered even installing Borderlands.

Then it was not last year anymore. And I was bored. Again.

So I took the Borderlands disc and installed it on my PC. My computer is good enough to run the game on low settings. The computer out in the study is better, but I couldn’t be bothered playing it on that.

Regardless, that brings us to me having the game available to play.

This game has been recommended to me by a bunch of people, whether they have played it or just seen some stuff and thought it looked pretty cool or whatever.

I have found the game pretty meh.

I realise that my opinion is against that of the general consensus about this game. However I’m not really saying the game is bad, just that it’s nothing particularly special.

My young cousin quite aptly pointed out similarities to Fallout 3 when she saw Borderlands for the first time, which is a fair assessment. The game feels a lot like Fallout 3. The differences are that it is perhaps a little more linear, and the graphics are weird.

The graphics (which for me aren’t as good as they should be because of my computer, but I still feel my following point is valid) are an awkward mix of realism and style. Everything has a fairly thick black border around it, and the character models almost look like they’re just really good sprites. This is because things such as wrinkles are drawn on the face in black, making them look like animated characters, but they’ve still tried to make them look like real people which, in my opinion, doesn’t work. The scenery is perhaps worse because the barren, worn-down badlands look quite realistic except for the striking and off-putting black borders. Overall the graphics just feel abnormal and unimpressive.

The game itself operates on a quest system. Fairly standard. Fairly repetitive. The game is just generally a copy of Fallout 3 with some humour thrown in. And some vehicles. The vehicles are pretty cool, I admit.

The difficulty for me is an issue. The game is mostly at a decent difficulty, but at certain points it throws enemies at you that are quite a few levels higher than you, and they can be a real bitch to beat. This is because when an enemy is a few levels above you, not only are they stronger and have more health than if they were your level, but they also receive less damage for seemingly no reason, as indicated by a warning triangle next to their health. I understand a stats based defence against the player’s attacks, but bonus defence just for being a few levels higher makes for some ludicrously hard (and usually sudden) fights.

Perhaps multiplayer is where this game is really meant to shine, but I haven’t tried it. Can’t be bothered/don’t have the capacity for it. Whatever.

In conclusion, I’ll keep playing the game. It’s nothing special, but it’s there, it’s decent and it means that when friends bring the game up in conversation I can contribute. And be attacked for disliking it.



Band Hero review

December 6, 2009

Over at Unspeakable Evil, I have put up a review for Band Hero. You will also be able to find our latest Meanwhile… comic and a couple of Let’s Plays by Esoteric and Forte.



Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days

October 2, 2009


Review here.



Rock Band 2

August 12, 2009

Last year, Guitar Hero: World Tour and Rock Band 2 were released. After much deliberation and review-reading, I decided that the best plan of action for myself would be to get the Guitar Hero instruments (Being made by Logitech, they are of better quality and completely compatible with games from both series, like Guitar Hero: Metallica) and the Rock Band 2 game, which features many songs from both games as well as some personal favourites such as Jethro Tull’s Aqualung and Kansas’ Carry On Wayward Son.

However, I put off purchasing anything late last year as Rock Band 2’s release was going to be pushed back.

That was okay.

It is now August and Rock Band 2 has still not been released here in Australia. The game will not be released here until the end of September.

Harmonix, WTF?!

I can understand Harmonix not wanting their products to compete, as Rock Band 1 was released here around the same time as World Tour was, but that was the company’s fault and if they were to release either game, it should have been the improved sequel, or release both games with the instruments being separate, or only with the sequel.

All that Harmonix has managed to do is ensure that they cannot properly compete with Guitar Hero in Europe and Australia. Good job guys.

What makes this even more grating is that the vast majority of Rock Band’s downloadable tracks are actually available for the Wii now. And there are some I really want, like Space Truckin’ and Pain Redefined.


** Seriously Harmonix, learn some fucking marketing. **