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My Comics Pull List

September 18, 2010

Alrighty, so to put this in perspective, these are all of the comics I am currently buying, in the order of how many books I buy from each publisher:

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Green Hornet Review

June 14, 2010

Yeah I know, I’ve neglected this blog massively for a while. So, imaginary readers, I’m sorry. Have a review.

John Cassaday Cover 
Adapted from his 2004 film script, Kevin Smith’s Green Hornet joins the myriad of Green Hornet titles Dynamite Entertainment are putting out. The story begins with Britt Reid and his faithful manservant Kato interrupting a gang meet. Afterwards, they talk about how that was the last of the organised crime threats in the city and how the mantle of the Green Hornet can be hung up for good, and Kato leaves Century City. It is at this point that we are introduced to the main character, Britt Reid Jr. who through a series of events over the first arc learns about his father’s past as the Green Hornet, is confronted with a new criminal threat and must assume the mantle of the Green Hornet himself.

The plot is expertly written and a thoroughly interesting read. The characters are quickly given a great amount of depth and are all intriguing and in some way conflicted. Couple this with the amazing pencils from Jonathan Lau, some of my favourite art in an ongoing series ever, and you’ve got one hell of an impressive return for this oldschool hero.

Seriously, definitely a title worth checking out.




May 7, 2010

Okay, so today was pretty much the first time I’ve ever gone to a comic store to buy stuff properly. It was new comic book day and I went in knowing which ongoings and minis I wanted to jump onto, and some ideas about trades and hard covers I wanted. The plan more or less worked out. I was disappointed not to find the absolutely adorable THOR AND THE WARRIORS FOUR, but I guess I’ll order the trade in a month or two.

Below is my haul, ordered by publisher. I may do mini-reviews later, but for now just covers and creative team.

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