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POST #69

October 22, 2009

This is POST #69. 69 is totally a more important number than 100.

Unlike 100, the number 69 has some special connotations. In recognition of the significance of POST #69, the main content of this post (which is POST #69) is something…dirty.

Oh yeah, this blog is entering the awesome world of ADULTS ONLY with some dirty content.

Feel the excitement

Get ready.

Here it comes.



This has been POST #69, and it’s been special.

-Vyperchild, who thinks his blog has mostly gone to hell since around about here. Or maybe here.

** seeing Astro Boy today, but I probably won’t get a chance to review it for a few days. The review will probably be over at Unspeakable Evil unless it is bad and I can’t be objective, in which case you can suffer the tortured English of the review right here on whatever the fuck this blog is called. **