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Sinestro and Nightwing

August 30, 2010

A feeling of deja vu with this one, with a ringslinger and a bat-family member from Wave 3:

Sinestro Sinestro Corps Variant 
By far the most disappointing figure I’ve bought to date. Firstly, the most commonly described problem is his height. For some reason he was made smaller than intended, so he’s not quite right, and he looks far less imposing looking up at Hal than down his nose. But I can get over that. The main problem is that my figure has a really sloppy paint job. You can clearly see the awful job on his shoulders, with the yellow paint not applied well on the joint at all. In addition to that he has a number of yellow blemishes, including one on his lower back and one on either side of his neck. I do like the figure, but the paint just ruins it for me. I obviously bought the Sinestro Corps variant of this figure, and although I am considering also getting the regular blue costume at some point as well, I’m not certain my experience with this toy is enough to warrant another purchase. He came with his yellow lantern and the right leg of Solomon Grundy.

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August 26, 2010

I don’t make friends very easily. I’m weird and off-putting and most people don’t bother, or at best, they’ll tolerate occasionally seeing me. But when I do make friends they are very important to me, and even if I don’t show it, I am incredibly loyal.

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Desaad and Darkseid

August 25, 2010

And finishing off Wave 12 here:

Darkseid’s right hand man adds yet another New God to the DCU Classics line. While not as visually striking as the other figures (particularly Darkseid and Mister Miracle) he works quite well. His arms are a little bit awkward and don’t quite give perfect articulation at the shoulder, and his head can’t really move while he has his torture device on, but it is removable. As you can see in the photo, the handheld parts of his device don’t quite sit in his hands too well, particularly the left hand. His lower body is surrounded by a rubbery robe that has splits along the sides which help position his legs. His accessories were his harness torture device and a figure stand.

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Eclipso and the Spectre

August 24, 2010

Two more DC Classics Wave 12 figures:

Another really great figure, with excellent articulation. He simply looks great and stands out quite well. His left hand is carrying the Heart of Darkness, which is connected to his hand which does potentially limit what you can do with him, but it’s not really serious at all. He came with the left leg of C&C Darkseid.

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Dr. Mid-Nite and Mary Marvel

August 23, 2010

More Wave 12 incoming:

Dr. Mid-Nite  
Dr. Mid-Nite was one of the figures I was most looking forward to from this wave. I wasn’t disappointed. The toy is simply great. The only even slight downside I’ve found is that his accessory, his owl companion Hooty, doesn’t clip onto his arms very easily . Other than that though, absolutely no complaints. He came with Darkseid’s left arm.

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Copperhead and Iron

August 22, 2010

As promised, Wave 12 of DC Universe Classics, beginning with Copperhead:

A really cool looking figure, Copperhead has a few great selling points. Firstly, the scale pattern costume is nice. It’s the same reason I actually like Aquaman’s costume, and funnily enough they have the same colour scheme (I actually prefer Aquaman’s to Copperhead’s). The other is of course his awesome snake headgear. Unfortunately, his headgear kind of gets in the way of turning his head at all. Another problem with this toy, at least for me, is that both his hip joints are a little loose, which means he can be tricky to stand. He came with the head and pelvis to the wave’s Collect and Connect figure, Darkseid.

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August 21, 2010

Hope fades


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