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Night/Day Watch Film Reviews

November 19, 2009

Seeing as I’ve reviewed most of the novels here previously and I recently purchased the movies, I thought I’d review them as well.

Because of the structure of the novels, each having three individual stories which flow into one another, the movies are slightly strange. The Night Watch movie is based on the first story of the Night Watch novel, but has elements from other portions of the series, such as the witch from the first story of Day Watch who uses dark magic to abort babies and things. The Day watch movie is based on the second (might have been the third, can’t remember to be honest) story of Night Watch, but is changed greatly because of the happenings in the Night Watch film.

The biggest change the movies made was uh


The biggest change the movies made was making Egor Anton’s son. This obviously leads to problems with following the way the books pan out, and so the story departs more and more from the novels.

Most of the changes are unnecessary, but they do work okay within the movies. For example, Anton being the cause of Egor turning to the dark is made more personal by Egor being his child.

Speaking of the end of the films, they’re both a little weird. The first movie ends very abruptly, with Anton attacking Zabulon for manipulating Egor and then suddenly cutting to the credits. The second ends with the Chalk of Destiny invalidating the plot of both movies, by changing the very beginning of the first movie, even though the Chalk was used in the book to change/remove the alignment of characters, not time travel.

Other than that there isn’t much to say. The movies are okay, with some slight problems due to differences between the dub and the novel translations (the Twilight is called the ‘Gloom’ in the movies) and some weird things like Zabulon’s video game showing his plans.

Oh and the script writer randomly decided to put certain characters like Bear and Tiger Cub in relationships. Not sure why.

In conclusion, I recommend the movies to anyone who liked the books, but keep an open mind. If you haven’t read the books then the movies will be incredibly confusing.



Knowing review

August 8, 2009

Knowing is one of those movies where you start watching it and realize pretty quickly that you aren’t going to like the ending.

I didn’t like the ending. Sort of.

The movie starts with a little girl, Lucinda, writing a note to go into a time capsule in 1959. The note is numbers. In 2009, a boy named Caleb gets the note. His father, John, played by Nicholas Cage, accidentally uncovers the meaning of the note when he sees a particular series of numbers – 911012996. It’s a date, with how many people died, 9/11/01 2996 people. The note details events of mass death since 1959. Three events hadn’t occurred yet. John tries to change them.

It’s tricky to talk about the ending without spoiling anything, so I’ll just say it’s the sort of ending that’s been done before, and it always feels like an easy way out. Also, there is some imagery which will either be appreciated, or you will really get annoyed at. Personally, I sarcastically pointed out how ‘subtle’ it was.

The part of the ending that I did like you will probably recognise if and when you watch it. I’ll just say that I really enjoyed this aspect of the movie.

As for the themes behind the movie, determinism vs. randomness, it’s very thought provoking and, as someone who firmly believes that there is no destiny etc., I was pleased with how the movie dealt with everything.

To sum up, I recommend the movie. You will probably dislike the ending, but it’s still worth watching. And, as a bit of a warning, when bad things happen in this movie, they are awesome.



Adults Only

August 1, 2009

I was watching Superman Returns on TV with my dad. No that’s wrong.

I was watching Lord of the Rings on DVD with my dad. Then it finished, and Superman Returns happened to be on TV.

Pretty crap movie you guys!

I only watched a few minutes of it. The important thing is that it was on channel 9, and there was some ads.

Okay, so like, my dad is one of those dads who tell those terrible jokes. You know the ones. And one of his favourites over the past few years has been to say ‘you better go to bed then’ or something similar when a show’s rating is PG or ‘only for mature audiences’.

This was a little funny when I was fifteen and he said it the first couple of times. It was less funny at sixteen. At seventeen I saw renewed humour in the joke because it had become more ridiculous seeing as I was nearly eighteen.

Tonight he said it again when one of the ads was for an ‘Adults Only’ Two and a Half Men at 8:30 on I don’t care what day. I’m sure he’s said it a few times since I turned eighteen, but tonight I was particularly annoyed.

I guess I’m just getting more and more bitter about still being treated like a kid by my parents, a situation which isn’t helped by my still having to rely on them for money.

MORAL OF THE STORY: Fucking job-searching. Fucking Coles. Fucking Safeway. Even Fucking McDonald’s. When you can’t get a job at McDonald’s, you have to question what you’re doing wrong.


** Also, fucking Youth Allowance. I need to re-apply for that, because I’m sure I’m entitled to the fucker. **


Origin: Spirits of the Past Review

May 12, 2009

After months of not bothering with this anime film, which I borrowed, I finally watched it today.


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…an update? Seriously?

April 5, 2009

Yeah this blog went nowhere quickly. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m incredibly lazy, provided I can be bothered reaching the end of the sentence, and I just keep providing evidence that my level of ‘can’t be fucked’ is near supernatural. So the idea of maintaining a blog was pretty much done for as soon as I started it.

So you, imaginary reader, may currently be wondering why I’m actually updating. Well, for one, I noticed I actually have a follower for the blog so you may not actually be imaginary. Hooray. Then again you might be. Think about it.

The real reason I was able to deny my mental conditioning to just lay down and do nothing but breathe until tomorrow happens is actually something incredibly important. Monumental even. In fact, it probably concerns the only thing in the universe with any actual worth.

That’s right friend, this is about Dragonball.

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