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Balance Instars again lol

March 31, 2010

So I bought Of The I’s Balance Instars a while ago, but hadn’t received it, so I sent this to the band:

I bought a copy of your album a few weeks ago (14th March) and I just wanted to ask if it’s been sent yet. I’m really looking forward to listening to the album in it’s entirety.

The purchase should be under the name Bradley Heap. I paid via your site’s paypal ordering.


Just got this:

Hi Bradley,
I’m really sorry about the delay. The guy who processes our Australian orders has been out of action for a while and I missed this. We’ll get the album to you right away. Send us some good vibes this weekend – we’re going to the Swiss mountains to w
Thanks for your support,
All the best,
Of The I

I’m not sure what that w was meant to lead to but whatever. Pleased to know I’ll be getting my CD soon 🙂


** Alright, so like, I know I promised that recent listenings post ages ago, but it’s not ready still. It’s almost done, but I haven’t been motivated to finish it. I’m going to set myself a deadline, which is Monday next week. **


RE: Of The I

March 14, 2010

Of The I’s Paypal is finally back up and working, so I totally just bought Balance Instars. With postage from the UK to Australia, the album cost $18 which I’m definitely happy with. Again, I’m linking to their site. Because why the hell not?



Plunder Down Under

March 12, 2010

Alestorm - Heavy Metal Pirates  
Today I bought tickets for Alestorm’s Plunder Down Under Tour. Really excited to see  them live. Not until June though 😦

Still, they’re great and I figure they’re worth mentioning here. check out their stuff there if you’ve never heard of them. My favourite song is probably the aptly named Pirate Song, although That Famous Ol’ Spiced is also up on the myspace so that’s cool too.

Additionally, I’m planning on getting tickets for Turisas (they’re here a month earlier than Alestorm). To Holmgard and Beyond is simply epic, but that can be said of pretty much any Turisas songs really.

If you love your power metal and haven’t heard of these two bands, you mustn’t love power metal enough! Get on them, quick!

-Vyperchild, Wolf of the Sea


Of The I

March 8, 2010

I’ve been trying to get my hands on Balance Instars for a few months now. I mentioned the album by Of The I in my last post about music. Unfortunately it seems as if I will be waiting a long time to get the CD, as their paypal account seems to be playing up, and the CD is impossible to find anywhere else.

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Goblin Facebot

March 5, 2010

Goblin. Facebot. Nuff said.




Recent Listenings Ver. 2.0

February 7, 2010

Alright, I promised some music recommendations based on a recent influx of music. So here’s a bunch of reviews and stuff. This time though, there’s a lower ratio of metal and more variation, so for non-metalheads you may find stuff you’d like here too. Anyway, give something a listen and please comment if you want to contribute at all.

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February 4, 2010

This isn’t the music update I mentioned I’d be doing, that’s still happening, just not now. Now I’m preoccupied.

Because a spontaneous trip to Empyrean Sky’s myspace (I’d normally just go to the official site) led to the discovery that they’ve put up new songs from Extending the Tangent.

Empyrean Sky songs that I haven’t heard?


Some of the tracks aren’t even finished yet, like missing keyboards or whatever. But I still love them. Especially For The Sun, but this will undoubtedly change, because their songs are all amazing.

Their previous album, The Snow White Rose of Paradise, is one of my favourite albums ever, if not the absolute favourite. They’re a progressive death metal act from Chicago who are really unknown considering the quality of their music. Please, PLEASE check them out at their myspace:

Although there’s a new sit in construction, here’s a link to their official site. There are some songs up for free download there.


** Seriously people. Listen to them. I will love you forever and ever. **