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Chaos Gods

August 26, 2009

It’s been a while since I did any Warhammer related posts (btw, the only progress on my Daemons is that the box is assembled), so now I’m giving a brief, introductory look at the Chaos Gods, although I will go through some of the subtleties of each God also.

Firstly, the Chaos Gods are present in both Warhammer systems. Even though Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 have been separated from one another in canon, the Warp and daemonic beasties are shared between the games.

Secondly, the Chaos Gods are essentially certain basic emotions given a malevolent incorporeal form. For example, Slaanesh is the embodiment of desire and pleasure. Some of the Gods don’t fit this mould quite as easily, such as Tzeentch or the minor Gods. Anyway, on to the analysis.

Khorne, the Blood God, is the God of war and anger and murder and cutting things till there is no longer room to make an incision. Khorne thrives on wanton slaughter and, with the scale of wars in the Warhammer universes, he is most often the strongest of the 4 Major Chaos Gods. One thing many people don’t realise however is that Khorne isn’t just about slaughter. Although Games Workshop have exaggerated the KILL MAIM BURN side of Khorne in recent years, there are still some examples of the old Khorne and his subtle aspects. These include honour (which is the reason Khorne disdains sorcery), skill and the wish to be challenged. That is to say, while most people expect all Khorne worshippers to be raging maniacs with chainaxes running frenziedly into the enemy battle line, there is a precedent for Khorne followers who use ranged weaponry. It’s a rather fun thing to point out to all the people who complain about Khorne’s apparent two-dimensional personality.

Tzeentch, the God of Change, is the God of magic and manipulation and is sometimes related to hope. Tzeentch is a master manipulator who often creates unnecessarily complicated plots for his own amusement. In fact, it is suggested that Tzeentch is prolonging the victory of Chaos indefinitely so that he can keep playing. As the God of magic, Tzeentch is Khorne’s opposite, and also often the most powerful of the four Gods. He’s also the most complicated of the Ruinous Powers, as he isn’t tied directly to an emotion, except possibly hope, which brings up more complications anyway.

Nurgle, the God of Decay, is the God of diseases, despair and potentially also love in a really creepy way. Grandfather Nurgle, as he is known to his followers, is a nurturing God who rewards worshippers with his latest concoction, which will more than likely kill them. Nurgle also thrives on war like Khorne, in that he draws from despair (which battles of attrition in particular have plenty of), and also the environment in some wars is a perfect breeding ground for new poxes.

Slaanesh, the Prince of Pleasure, is the last and youngest of the Major Gods and is the God of pleasure and lust and decadence. Slaanesh came into existence when the Eldar (ninja space elves) empire collapsed due to orgies and art. Well, pretty much. Slaaneshi cultists are over-indulgent and find a myriad of ways to enhance their experiences. One example of this is Sonic Blasters, which allow music to be harnessed as a weapon. Another example is the mutilations that many followers of Slaanesh inflict upon themselves, such as removing their eyelids.

There are other Gods, as I’ve implied with the term ‘Major’, but I won’t say much about them. Only Malal is really interesting, but Games Workshop haven’t owned the rights to him in over a decade. Although now they are trying to work Malice into their games, as a replacement. Malal is interesting in that he is the anti-Chaos Chaos God. Basically he’s the side of Chaos that fights against Chaos. Fun stuff.


** I’ve finished Twilight Watch now, so expect a review soon.”


Rock your fucking face off

August 9, 2009

The following picture is something from older incarnations of Warhammer 40,000. It is a Noise Marine.

Yes, the colours are awful and the leopard skin leg armour is hilarious, but aside from that, that is awesome. In fact, I’d even say they add to the awesome.

More recent Noise Marine models have Sonic Blasters that resemble guns. Why’d they have to change that?

“I was killed by a Vanquisher cannon”

“I was killed by a chainsword”

“I was killed by a FUCKING ROCK BAND”

A guitar as a weapon is awesome. They should appear in things more often.




June 21, 2009

Sometimes, warhammer leads to some awesome discoveries. Hello Kitty space marines (which are everywhere nowadays), hippy necrons and pink fluffy land raider tanks. Other such examples are the following.

This is a Necron Monolith, a floating super-laser tank fortress thing:

necron monolithThis is Megatron, leader of the decepticons:

Megatron And this is fucking badass:


And people think Monoliths are hard to kill NOW. Just wait till you have to put up with the inevitable return of this guy as Super-Monolith Galvatron.

I would love to actually build a model for this (If I had any sculpting skill). Of course, making a transforming mini would be damn near impossible, but still. I mean, he’s got a gauss flux arc attached to his fucking knees! His knees!

Also, want to see Unicron made into a Necron World Engine.

However, that isn’t the only Transformers/Warhammer 40K crossover I found. An awesome site called is all about combining these two franchises.

One example is this converted space marine dreadnought made to look like, well, y’know.

AUTOM1006Additionally, the site has some Deceptitau, my favourites of which are these simple Megatron and Shockwave Crisis Suit conversions.


Hooray for crossovers!


After noticing that the Ork Trukk had a trailer connection, a guy named madscuzzy decided to use it to build Orktimus Prime:

IMG_1466That’s what happens when you get those crazy Orks to build a Transformer. Kinda looks like Optimus if he was from the Planet of Junk =D

BUT, this madscuzzy, like any converter, is insane. He was not content just to have such a beautiful Trukk. He had to take his evil genius to the next level.

So, in some Ork Big Mek’s workshop somewhere, madscuzzy did the impossible. He did this:

IMG_1478 IMG_1476 IMG_1483 IMG_1487


Orktimus Prime is my fucking hero. Madscuzzy too.

I’z Orktimus Prime an’ I darez ta be WAAAAAAAGGHH!!

-Vyperchild, who hopes to one day add ch-ch-ch-ch to his repertoire of 40K sound effects.

** Just for fun, a couple of fun non-TF related Warhammer pics.

In the grim darkness of the distant future, there is only Hello Kitty:

HelloKittyMarines3 1244817590071 Also:


Dreadnought. In the butt. I had to say it.

blood And of course, the old favourite. Bloodletters XD **


Khorne Daemons Plog in 3…2…1…

June 15, 2009


Today I made my first purchase towards my Khorne Daemon army. Naturally, I bought a box of bloodletters which contained these sprues:

IMG_1069IMG_1070 IMG_1071The kit contains parts to build 10 bloodletters. Compared to most ten/twelve man kits I think this one is excellent value, being $15 cheaper. Even before the price this is a recommended kit, after all, they’re all so very pretty.

For those of you that bothered to/can count, you may have noticed there are actually 11 heads and a few extra other parts. Which is great for versatility, although not to the extent of say, a space marine kit. Still, it should give enough combinations to not have obvious similarities between models when I have 40+ bloodletters.

I’m very much looking forward to building these minis. They look like fun. Blood-drenched fun. Painting however will be a bit of struggle, because I’ve never really painted a mini before. But still, I’m happy to learn with such pretty models 🙂

So, this all leads me to proclaim two things. Firstly, my Khornate daemons have finally begun!


Secondly, this blog is now officially home to my project log, so check back for occasional updates as I build my war host. Of course, I’ll continue with the usual nonsense of the blog as well.

I look forward to showing off this project in all it’s murderous glory over the next few months. If I had a bottle of wine I’d probably drink it totally do that thing where they spray the wine all over people to commemorate some event definitely drink it.




Grind your soul to make my bread

June 14, 2009

That is what is affectionately called a Soul Grinder. A combination of daemon and machine built in the Soul Forge of Chaos. I plan on having two of these in my 1500 point 40K Khornate daemons army, each with a different upgrade for those maw cannons.

Although all Soul Grinders are undedicated (that is, they don’t follow a particular Chaos God anymore), my Soul Grinders will be built to show a previous alignment to Khorne. One will be painted similarly to the one in the picture, and the other will have black skin with lava cracks, and the metal plating will be red with bronze/gold trim.

Additionally, with the expansion of my daemon force to Apocalypse size (with the inclusion of my following project, World Eaters Chaos marines), I hope to build upon my Soul Grinder group to allow for the special Soul Grinder Apocalypse formation.

But that’s all just a little dream for now. What matters is that Soul Grinders are fucking epic killing machines (half-literally).



Fell Annan’Krath

June 14, 2009

I ran into a little difficulty when trying to decide upon a Bloodthirster for my Khornate daemon army. I dislike GW’s own Bloodthirster mini, as it’s a little to small for my liking and I want something that’s really imposing. Plus, I dislike the human-faced one, and although I like the bull one I want a strong humanoid face for my Annan’Krath.

So I came upon Forgeworld’s Greater Daemons and their amazing (and huge) Bloodthirster:

btp8I think that thing is awesome. Truly an epic model. A 10.5 inch tower of wanton slaughter. A $250 murderous beast.


Yeah. He costs a lot. Too much for me (especially considering how much I’m going to be putting into the Bloodcrusher unit). So perhaps this will be a model I’ll look at once I start playing Apocalypse/have a job.

My options again looked grim. Even with the many miniature companies out there who build giant angry devil things, I couldn’t find anything better than the disliked GW Bloodthirster.

Until I found Ultraforge and their Greater Wardemon.

paintedwar4This 5 inch tall mini won’t make as much of an impression as Forgeworld’s gargantuan monster, but it’s still a heck of a Bloodthirster. Price-wise, it costs more than GW’s Bloodthirster, but not so much as to put me off.

For my paint scheme, it will be similar to what is pictured, although the red will be the same as my Bloodletters etc. so it will look a little different. There will also be a more dramatic effect on the eyes, which will be white (I usually find solid white to be a better colour for rage-filled eyes) and have near black shading for the sockets. The horns and spikes will be essentially the same, although I might blend into a darker brown toward the base of the horn. The armour and sword will have the biggest changes, with the armour being black with a bronze/gold trim and the sword being a shiny black like my Bloodletters’ Hellblades. Also I may change the little claw things on the top of the wings because I’m not really sure if I like how that looks.

So this is essentially an introduction to my Fell Bloodthirster, Annan’Krath, who will be terrorizing a Hiveworld near you in the grim darkness of the not too distant future (again, hopefully!).




May 4, 2009

As mentioned in a previous post, I am intending on starting a mono-Khorne daemon army for Warhammer Fantasy (and 40K).

One problem I had however, was that the planned leader of my Khornate Daemon host is a Herald, for which Games Workshop have not actually made a miniature. Sure, I could convert a regular Bloodletter, but I’d much rather have something a little more special.

Then Forgeworld (their site can be found via the Linkys over there –>) surprised me with this:


He’s a little taller than your regular Bloodletters, and as you can see, he’s pretty fucking awesome. Not sure how I feel about my champion carrying a human corpse around when he’s fighting, say, Orks, but still, Forgeworld have answered my prayers. Obviously, this means Forgeworld is Khorne. Unfortunately, my current army list has my Herald riding a Juggernaut (imagine a part-mechanical, daemon rhino. Now make it furious), so my list may need some tweaking, but I could certainly just chuck this guy in a chariot or leave him as is without much trouble.

It doesn’t end with that, though. Forgeworld coupled that guy with a bigger brother: 

That is what is affectionately known as a Daemon Prince of Khorne. He’s spiky. If/When I get this guy I will be making a few changes. Firstly, I’m gonna get a Lord of the Rings Fell Beast (which will set me back what? $90?) and chops its wings off and stick them on this guy’s back. Then I’m gonna cover this:

DAEMON BUTT. what what. Chain. IN THE BUTT.

I get that he’s all RAWR and doesn’t need anything but armour and an axe. BUT WHY? Why is he wearing a chain G-string? I can deal with the naked daemon butt on the regular Bloodletters (because they’re completely naked and animalistic), but this guy used to be human (well, mortal at least). The chain is just creeping me out.

Well regardless, I love both models. Which is a good thing seeing as they are sold as a pair. They’ll cost me quite a few dollars coming from Forgeworld, but they’re quality miniatures and well, this is Warhammer. I knew I’d be spending lots when I got into the hobby.

With any luck, I’ll have a nice little army to show within a few months, hopefully with these two guys in it. With any skill it’ll also be painted 😀