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just keep walking

June 4, 2010

just keep walking

and one day your feet will buckle

and cripple

and you will fall

then you’ll understand

that the consequence of every step

is that the next step is harder to take

that your journey

hinders itself

and that, regardless of how far

you are willing to walk

you will fail



Philosophy of Time

October 18, 2009

This is a concept that might be a little difficult for me to explain, so bear with me.

Basically, while the general consensus is that time is an actual thing and that the universe sort of flows through it, I find that the viewpoints expressed by Immanuel Kant (and others) much more appealing.

They believe that time does not, in fact, exist. It is instead merely a human construct used to record the sequence and duration of events.

Maybe I’ve lost you. Well, regardless, here’s a comparison that might help me illustrate better:

Say we consider weight. Weight is an actual quality of a physical property which can be measured. In contrast, time is a concept which is measured based on itself. That is to say, it’s attributes are not present in anything real.

I think I’ve explained it. Maybe. Whatever.

I believe it.

For all I know you’re all automatons and thus there’s no point convincing you of anything. Or maybe you aren’t automatons and there’s still no point. WHATEVER.


** Man, I need to do more drugs. **