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Balance Instars again lol

March 31, 2010

So I bought Of The I’s Balance Instars a while ago, but hadn’t received it, so I sent this to the band:

I bought a copy of your album a few weeks ago (14th March) and I just wanted to ask if it’s been sent yet. I’m really looking forward to listening to the album in it’s entirety.

The purchase should be under the name Bradley Heap. I paid via your site’s paypal ordering.


Just got this:

Hi Bradley,
I’m really sorry about the delay. The guy who processes our Australian orders has been out of action for a while and I missed this. We’ll get the album to you right away. Send us some good vibes this weekend – we’re going to the Swiss mountains to w
Thanks for your support,
All the best,
Of The I

I’m not sure what that w was meant to lead to but whatever. Pleased to know I’ll be getting my CD soon 🙂


** Alright, so like, I know I promised that recent listenings post ages ago, but it’s not ready still. It’s almost done, but I haven’t been motivated to finish it. I’m going to set myself a deadline, which is Monday next week. **


Fuck this

March 30, 2010

here have another pointless post



Re: So. Guitar Learning.

March 25, 2010

A non-personal non-wrist-cutting post woo! Unfortunately, it’s still not the rest of my FR/LG Pokémon Log or my Recent Listenings post, but it’s still something nice.

Yesterday morning, despite my general horror at the idea of proving how much I suck at guitar, I took the damn thing out and tried to learn some more. The book I’ve been using helped a little, but a particular website i found was especially helpful and thanks to roughly five hours practice yesterday and and today I am feeling much more confident about my attempts at learning.

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Alien vs. PreDator

March 24, 2010




Personal Fork in the Road

March 22, 2010

Decisions decisions

I’m at the point now where I think I’ll soon have to make a choice. I will either continue in the direction I’ve been trying to go and open up a bit more (in essence, ‘unravelling’ my many personal defences) or I can try to retreat back into myself and withdraw from any avoidable human interaction again.

To be completely honest, hiding away forever sounds really appealing to me.



True Balance

March 19, 2010

True Balance can only be achieved with one's self




March 18, 2010

You thought I forgot about it didn’t you? Shame on you, imaginary reader.

While I don’t have any more story to show, I have done some sketches of certain characters. One of whom is named Varranjia, and I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out.

I can’t be bothered scanning it/taking a photo to show here though. Maybe another time.

But still, progress!