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First Incursion in the Old World and Lustria

July 12, 2009

Earlier today I had my first battles with my Khorne daemons in Warhammer Fantasy.

Gotta say, I’m impressed with them.

In the past, I have played a few games as Tomb Kings, one or two as (old) Vampire Counts, and more recently a Tzeentch Beastmen list. Out of all of them, the daemons were probably the army I felt the most comfortable with.

I played two games. One against Skaven and one against Lizardmen.

The first game was against the Skaven and we played 2300 points. The list I played was this:

  • Prince with Armour of Khorne, Axe of Khorne and Flight. 395pts
  • Herald with Sundering Standard, Juggernaut, Armour of Khorne and Firestorm Blade. 265pts
  • 4 Bloodcrushers with full command. 330pts
  • 20 Bloodletters with full command and Icon of Endless War. 295pts
  • 16 Bloodletters with full command. 222pts
  • 16 Bloodletters with full command. 222pts
  • 8 Flesh Hounds. 280pts
  • 8 Flesh Hounds. 280pts

My opponent’s Skaven were heavy on the shooting, with Jezzails, Globadiers, guys with slings, a Warpfire Thrower and a Warp-Lightning Cannon. Also, being Skaven, his magic phase had a fair amount of action too.

Outcome: Daemons Victory

I was very pleased with this battle. While it wasn’t an overwhelming win, I still ended the game with a decent amount of models. It was a fun game because of how close it seemed up until the last turn.

There were a few reasons why I was able to win this one. Firstly, the Sundering banner combined with the general resistance towards magic that a Khorne army has meant I was able to shrug off Plague and Warp Lightning. Secondly, although the shooting phase was less easily weathered than the magic phase, the Ward saves meant I was more resilient than most armies would have been. And finally, I was dominant in combat especially due to the amazing charge range of the Hounds, Bloodcrushers and the Icon of Endless War gave me a 15” charge into some Rat Ogres.

A few things I got out of the battle were a greater appreciation for ward saves, hounds and manoeuvrability, as well as realizing that keeping units relatively close is a good idea (the units of flesh hounds and bloodletters on the left flank got isolated around the end of turn five as the rest of the army moved towards the right). I also think in future I’ll take another Herald, on foot, as Hatred was awesomely useful, and I probably need a bitch to carry some dispelliness. IT’S A REAL WORD, SHUT UP. And, maybe a Bloodthirster would be a good idea instead of the Prince.

Second game was 2000pts. My list was very similar to the other one, but with one less Bloodcrusher (and no musician) and 6 less hounds (3 from each unit).

Outcome: …yeah.

Basically, what happened in this one was an utter lack of understanding about the Lizardmen list, as well as an opponent who was ready for my list. That is, he switched out what little magic he’d usually take in favour of more hurty things.

In addition, I had very little which could deal with the Carnosaur rider with the Blade of Realities, especially after my Bloodcrushers were grinded down (although, not before they killed an Ancient Stegadon). Perhaps my Prince would have stood a chance if he’d gotten the charge on him, but the Carnosaur got to charge through some of the flesh hounds so that screwed me up.

On the other flank, I found out that razordon and skink shooting is heavy enough to make it a bad idea to allow flesh hounds to take it.

So, both units of flesh hounds were down, the Bloodcrushers got dead-like and the Daemon Prince got an unhealthy dose of reality (is there a healthy dose? I DUN THINK SO). This left me with a bunch of infantry against a sizeable Lizardmen force.

Thus, I lost.



** I had been planning to take a photo of my first assembled unit of Bloodletters to show for the plog, but I’m a lazy bastard. Just know that they look awesome, and the unit leader has an awkward pose because I couldn’t get the left hand to fit right. In other news, I’ve joined Warseer’s Tale of Fantasy/40K Painters with my daemons, so hopefully that will be motivation enough to push this army towards completion over the next twelve months. If you don’t know about Warseer, check it out in my Linkys section over there –> **


Khorne Daemons Plog in 3…2…1…

June 15, 2009


Today I made my first purchase towards my Khorne Daemon army. Naturally, I bought a box of bloodletters which contained these sprues:

IMG_1069IMG_1070 IMG_1071The kit contains parts to build 10 bloodletters. Compared to most ten/twelve man kits I think this one is excellent value, being $15 cheaper. Even before the price this is a recommended kit, after all, they’re all so very pretty.

For those of you that bothered to/can count, you may have noticed there are actually 11 heads and a few extra other parts. Which is great for versatility, although not to the extent of say, a space marine kit. Still, it should give enough combinations to not have obvious similarities between models when I have 40+ bloodletters.

I’m very much looking forward to building these minis. They look like fun. Blood-drenched fun. Painting however will be a bit of struggle, because I’ve never really painted a mini before. But still, I’m happy to learn with such pretty models 🙂

So, this all leads me to proclaim two things. Firstly, my Khornate daemons have finally begun!


Secondly, this blog is now officially home to my project log, so check back for occasional updates as I build my war host. Of course, I’ll continue with the usual nonsense of the blog as well.

I look forward to showing off this project in all it’s murderous glory over the next few months. If I had a bottle of wine I’d probably drink it totally do that thing where they spray the wine all over people to commemorate some event definitely drink it.




Grind your soul to make my bread

June 14, 2009

That is what is affectionately called a Soul Grinder. A combination of daemon and machine built in the Soul Forge of Chaos. I plan on having two of these in my 1500 point 40K Khornate daemons army, each with a different upgrade for those maw cannons.

Although all Soul Grinders are undedicated (that is, they don’t follow a particular Chaos God anymore), my Soul Grinders will be built to show a previous alignment to Khorne. One will be painted similarly to the one in the picture, and the other will have black skin with lava cracks, and the metal plating will be red with bronze/gold trim.

Additionally, with the expansion of my daemon force to Apocalypse size (with the inclusion of my following project, World Eaters Chaos marines), I hope to build upon my Soul Grinder group to allow for the special Soul Grinder Apocalypse formation.

But that’s all just a little dream for now. What matters is that Soul Grinders are fucking epic killing machines (half-literally).



Fell Annan’Krath

June 14, 2009

I ran into a little difficulty when trying to decide upon a Bloodthirster for my Khornate daemon army. I dislike GW’s own Bloodthirster mini, as it’s a little to small for my liking and I want something that’s really imposing. Plus, I dislike the human-faced one, and although I like the bull one I want a strong humanoid face for my Annan’Krath.

So I came upon Forgeworld’s Greater Daemons and their amazing (and huge) Bloodthirster:

btp8I think that thing is awesome. Truly an epic model. A 10.5 inch tower of wanton slaughter. A $250 murderous beast.


Yeah. He costs a lot. Too much for me (especially considering how much I’m going to be putting into the Bloodcrusher unit). So perhaps this will be a model I’ll look at once I start playing Apocalypse/have a job.

My options again looked grim. Even with the many miniature companies out there who build giant angry devil things, I couldn’t find anything better than the disliked GW Bloodthirster.

Until I found Ultraforge and their Greater Wardemon.

paintedwar4This 5 inch tall mini won’t make as much of an impression as Forgeworld’s gargantuan monster, but it’s still a heck of a Bloodthirster. Price-wise, it costs more than GW’s Bloodthirster, but not so much as to put me off.

For my paint scheme, it will be similar to what is pictured, although the red will be the same as my Bloodletters etc. so it will look a little different. There will also be a more dramatic effect on the eyes, which will be white (I usually find solid white to be a better colour for rage-filled eyes) and have near black shading for the sockets. The horns and spikes will be essentially the same, although I might blend into a darker brown toward the base of the horn. The armour and sword will have the biggest changes, with the armour being black with a bronze/gold trim and the sword being a shiny black like my Bloodletters’ Hellblades. Also I may change the little claw things on the top of the wings because I’m not really sure if I like how that looks.

So this is essentially an introduction to my Fell Bloodthirster, Annan’Krath, who will be terrorizing a Hiveworld near you in the grim darkness of the not too distant future (again, hopefully!).




May 4, 2009

As mentioned in a previous post, I am intending on starting a mono-Khorne daemon army for Warhammer Fantasy (and 40K).

One problem I had however, was that the planned leader of my Khornate Daemon host is a Herald, for which Games Workshop have not actually made a miniature. Sure, I could convert a regular Bloodletter, but I’d much rather have something a little more special.

Then Forgeworld (their site can be found via the Linkys over there –>) surprised me with this:


He’s a little taller than your regular Bloodletters, and as you can see, he’s pretty fucking awesome. Not sure how I feel about my champion carrying a human corpse around when he’s fighting, say, Orks, but still, Forgeworld have answered my prayers. Obviously, this means Forgeworld is Khorne. Unfortunately, my current army list has my Herald riding a Juggernaut (imagine a part-mechanical, daemon rhino. Now make it furious), so my list may need some tweaking, but I could certainly just chuck this guy in a chariot or leave him as is without much trouble.

It doesn’t end with that, though. Forgeworld coupled that guy with a bigger brother: 

That is what is affectionately known as a Daemon Prince of Khorne. He’s spiky. If/When I get this guy I will be making a few changes. Firstly, I’m gonna get a Lord of the Rings Fell Beast (which will set me back what? $90?) and chops its wings off and stick them on this guy’s back. Then I’m gonna cover this:

DAEMON BUTT. what what. Chain. IN THE BUTT.

I get that he’s all RAWR and doesn’t need anything but armour and an axe. BUT WHY? Why is he wearing a chain G-string? I can deal with the naked daemon butt on the regular Bloodletters (because they’re completely naked and animalistic), but this guy used to be human (well, mortal at least). The chain is just creeping me out.

Well regardless, I love both models. Which is a good thing seeing as they are sold as a pair. They’ll cost me quite a few dollars coming from Forgeworld, but they’re quality miniatures and well, this is Warhammer. I knew I’d be spending lots when I got into the hobby.

With any luck, I’ll have a nice little army to show within a few months, hopefully with these two guys in it. With any skill it’ll also be painted 😀