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Dethklok!! DETHKLOK!!

September 25, 2009

** I did have a picture to go along with this post, but for some unknown reason I couldn’t upload it. So just, um, imagine it, kay guys?**

Metalocalypse is a series of shorts on Adult Swim about a fictional metal band called Dethklok. Dethklok are the most famous band in the world, and although they are awesome musicians they are all absolute tards.

The frontman is Nathan Explosion, the guitarists are Skwisgar Skwigelf and Toki Wartooth, the bassist is William Murderface and the drummer is Pickles. Episodes are about the ridiculous adventures of the band, and the Tribunal which monitors them and tries to make sure they don’t cause too much damage.

As an example of their adventures, one episode of the first season has them going to Finland to apologize for accidentally wrecking the country during their last tour. Hilarity ensues. In another episode they have to do something for charity to avoid some taxes, so they adopt a fat kid.

Most of the humour in the show is accessible even to non-metal fans. The metal humour is background stuff like Dimmu Burgers or the supermarket called Finntroll’s. The music in the show is actually of a really high quality, and as a fan of melodic death metal I really enjoy it. The song topics are fairly ridiculous, such as Murmaider (it’s about mermaid murder) and Hatredcopter.

There are currently two seasons, with the third airing in November. There are also two Dethalbums, the first of which I recommend and the second of which only just got released, so I’ve yet to pick it up.

I really like this show, and I think everyone should watch it. Even if only for the episode where Murderface plays his bass…er…hands-free.



** Nathan: But I have to say, if the fans are out there after listening… you know, we always say a lot of stuff like, you know, we hate you, go die, you know…
Murderface: And we mean it!
Toki: Yeah, we means it!
Nathan: …Go eat glass…But the truth is- actually, guys, the truth is we do mean it. **