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Master Grade Super Saiyan Goku Kit

April 23, 2010

I know I haven’t posted in a while. Sorry.

I know there was another post I promised. Sorry.

But I have something else to blog about. A couple of weeks ago I bought possibly the best thing I have ever bought, and I got it today. That thing is this:

Dragon Ball Kai: 1/8 Scale Figure-Rise Super Saiyan Son Gokou Master Grade Model Kit

Dragon Ball Kai: 1/8 Scale Figure-Rise Super Saiyan Son Gokou Master Grade Model Kit

Now, you may not be able to tell what is so awesome about this (or it’s non-super saiyan brethren), but if you read that last bit ‘Master Grade Model Kit’ you should get the picture. This is essentially a Gundam model kit, except it isn’t a Gundam. Instead, it’s an incredibly poseable Super Saiyan Goku action figure.

Of course, as soon as I could I opened the box and started cutting up the sprues and assembling it. Then Esoteric suggested posting updates on my assembling progress.


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Fucking Corpse Clothing

January 17, 2010

A few days ago (I think it was Thursday) I got a package in the mail. I open it and take out an Amon Amarth beanie.

I ordered this beanie on the 6th of NOVEMBER.

The beanie was not posted until the 16th of DECEMBER.

It did not arrive until the 14th of JANUARY.

The fuck happened?

I don’t know/care, but I will not be purchasing from corpse clothing again, because two whole months is not a satisfactory delivery period.

In other news, I’ve bought more shirts and stuff online from other stores, such as Topatoco, Superhero Stuff and Stylin Online and they have all been brilliant. They are all recommended.

Another online purchase I made was for Dexter seasons 1, 2 and 3. It wasn’t until after I had paid that I realised that they were Region 1 DVDs, but it should still be okay probably maybe.


-Vyperchild, online shopper

** Guitar learnings have been a bit side-tracked so far, but I’ll be getting back into it this week. Also, I have been writing more Ice Champion and another story which may be a little dark in content. Probably still pretty crappy though. **