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all these things

September 13, 2010

I have all these things. All these words and images and stories and feelings. But I can’t articulate the words I want to speak. I can’t portray the images I see in my mind’s eye. I can’t spin the tales to entertain or inspire.

And I can’t share my emotions.

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September 10, 2010

Everything’s different now.

It all started when the store closed. That store was my life. I spent hours each day, tinkering and toiling away on those ancient toys, those mechanical fossils to bring them to life. Long ago they had made children smile, but they’d been tossed away, not even allowed the dignity of being treated like antiques.

Those incredible toys were thrown out like garbage, and I gave them new life.

The store never made much money, but I got by. The job was everything. My restorations meant something. But then Mr. Tenny cancelled our contract. I was kicked out. And again, all those toys were forgotten and abandoned. We were thrown out like garbage.

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September 8, 2010

A planet torn by prophecy and an ironic twist of fate, Parralos was a world divided. Two supercontinents on opposing sides of the world warred and battled for thousands of years over a rivalry spoken of in the broken utterings of an insane dreamer.

His words, immortalised in scripture and kept forever in the Temple of Twins, described two children born of the same mother. One would be the saviour of Parralos, and rise to protect the world, and the other would threaten to destroy Parralos. These children would be known immediately by their jet black hair, a feature no others on Parralos shared.

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Hold it close

July 19, 2010

The child sat on the floor, curled up and hunched over. They were holding something, keeping it close to their chest, protecting it. It was as if they were nursing a newborn kitten.

They leant their head down and placed a soft kiss on the object. Glancing back up and peering about them, they were vigilant, wary of everything. The child was keeping the object safe like a mother bird protecting her eggs.

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Aggressive Restructuring

June 29, 2010

I built a house
A house just for me
I spent my whole life building it
It kept me safe

I needed to get out
But I hadn’t built any doors
Or windows
My house was a cage

So I tore down the walls
Ripped off the roof
Carved up the floor
Until my house was gone

But the cage remained

I was trapped
In my imaginary house
My cage of the mind
Solitary confinement

So I made a key
To let others in
But I kept it
Hid it in my cage

And now I’m here
With a broken house
And a useless key
Just broken and useless

But I have an idea

I’ll build a new house
A house just for me
I might spend my whole life building it
But it won’t be a cage

I won’t need a key
To let others in
They’ll want to join me
In this new house

The house just for me
Will have rooms for them
Places for friends
And even for me

My new house won’t be a cage

It won’t be a prison
It won’t be a trap
It will be better
It will be a house

Some days the sun will shine on it
And some days the sky will pour down
But on all days it will be my house
And you’re welcome to come inside

-Vyperchild, who can’t help but be vague. For now. Sorry.

** Hello friendly note thingys, how I’ve missed you. We’ll see each other again soon, I’m sure.

To my friends, I’m sorry. You’ve given me so much and asked for so little. You owe me nothing and I owe you everything. I know I’m a pain, and a nuisance, and I whinge a lot. And I’m sorry for that. I haven’t been well. And I might not get better. But I’ll give it a try, because even if I can’t give you everything I wish I could, I can at least try to give you me. Thanks for sticking with me. It means more than I can say. **


All you need is a friend

June 15, 2010

Find the way to speak freely
Seek the path to true liberty
All you need is a friend
Who will guide you to safety

Twist the binds that hold you
Suffer while the world controls you
All you need is a friend
To help you and unchain you

Struggle, fight against the strain
Alleviate your constant pain
All you need is a friend
Who, for you, will suffer the same

There’s no easy way to say this
In the end you won’t be missed
But all you need’s a friend
To make these moments worth it


** Ignoring form and structure and crap. Whatever! **


just keep walking

June 4, 2010

just keep walking

and one day your feet will buckle

and cripple

and you will fall

then you’ll understand

that the consequence of every step

is that the next step is harder to take

that your journey

hinders itself

and that, regardless of how far

you are willing to walk

you will fail