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Guitar learning standstill

June 16, 2010

I have a guitar. I’ve had it since January. It’s a decent thing, and I picked it up cheaper than I should have.

It is now June, and I still have no idea what I’m doing. I had been attempting to learn using the internet and other resources around me, but I’m too lazy without something pushing me. I have some motivation, but without some sort of deadline I always say I’ll practice later.

So my plan now is to enquire about a teacher. I think with a guiding hand from someone with experience, in a face-to-face setting, I will be able to learn what I need to operate and learn independently with the motivation I can only gain from having a proper foundation and base-level skills.

So yeah.



Re: So. Guitar Learning.

March 25, 2010

A non-personal non-wrist-cutting post woo! Unfortunately, it’s still not the rest of my FR/LG Pokémon Log or my Recent Listenings post, but it’s still something nice.

Yesterday morning, despite my general horror at the idea of proving how much I suck at guitar, I took the damn thing out and tried to learn some more. The book I’ve been using helped a little, but a particular website i found was especially helpful and thanks to roughly five hours practice yesterday and and today I am feeling much more confident about my attempts at learning.

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So. Guitar Learning.

March 18, 2010

Originally this post was meant to be my recent listenings thing again, but that’s still in the draft stage and I have a few more albums to write about. Therefore, this is me whining about how much I suck.

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Fucking Corpse Clothing

January 17, 2010

A few days ago (I think it was Thursday) I got a package in the mail. I open it and take out an Amon Amarth beanie.

I ordered this beanie on the 6th of NOVEMBER.

The beanie was not posted until the 16th of DECEMBER.

It did not arrive until the 14th of JANUARY.

The fuck happened?

I don’t know/care, but I will not be purchasing from corpse clothing again, because two whole months is not a satisfactory delivery period.

In other news, I’ve bought more shirts and stuff online from other stores, such as Topatoco, Superhero Stuff and Stylin Online and they have all been brilliant. They are all recommended.

Another online purchase I made was for Dexter seasons 1, 2 and 3. It wasn’t until after I had paid that I realised that they were Region 1 DVDs, but it should still be okay probably maybe.


-Vyperchild, online shopper

** Guitar learnings have been a bit side-tracked so far, but I’ll be getting back into it this week. Also, I have been writing more Ice Champion and another story which may be a little dark in content. Probably still pretty crappy though. **


Mah Gee-tar

January 5, 2010

I mentioned in my first post this year that I may use this blog as an account of my guitar learnings.

The first problem that I found was the whole ‘purchasing an instrument’ thing. I’m very finicky and picky about this stuff, so while others would be content with a cheap guitar for learning, and moving onto something better later, I had to get something I wanted from the outset.

1500_SubhumanMy first choice was the Malden Subhuman, pictured above, an electric guitar with a definite heavy metal feel. I really like the curves on that guitar, and I will be getting this as my second guitar without question. Especially seeing as I can get it for less than half the retail/list price. I chose not to buy the Subhuman for my first guitar because a) I don’t have an amp and it would be kind of difficult to play until I bought one (and I’m finicky about amps too) and b) because I found another guitar that I wanted on eBay.

If I had purchased the Subhuman first, then the Epiphone PR-5E, pictured below, would have been my second guitar. However, I found a good condition second-hand PR-5E at a great price. It also came with a bunch of goodies such as a hard case. So with half an hour left to go on the auction, I turned to Forte for his opinion on whether I should buy it or wait for the Subhuman.

Then I decided to buy the PR-5E before he could answer.

That is the story all about how,
my guitar got bought but I don’t have it now,
because I have to go and pick it up from some place that doesn’t really rhyme with much so this song parody has kind of gone to shit.



Thus begins the magical journey into me learning how to musics.


** By magic, what I really mean is that I’m now trying to find some SCIENCE! technology to help with the learning process. It’s not cheating I swears. **

EDIT: I will be getting the guitar tomorrow, on the 6th. Also, the nice people who sold it to me found some extra stuff (including some books) and threw that in for me. Thanks, nice people!