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Preparing for Failure

September 20, 2010

This week I’m endeavouring to practice more artsy stuff. Mostly figure drawing. Drawing is something I’ve mentioned on this blog before, and it’s something I’d absolutely love to do well enough to turn into a career, but lack any talent whatsoever. And seeing that lack of talent on paper is really really disheartening.

Motivation is hard enough for me to get without examples of how bad I am presenting themselves. I know practice is important, but looking at bad work makes me doubt practice will ever help. But I really want, and need, to do this, so unless my work looks so awful that I lose all hope forever (again) then I’m going to struggle to keep going and look for even the slightest improvement.

So yeah, I have to prepare for failure, but still at least try.




September 10, 2010

Everything’s different now.

It all started when the store closed. That store was my life. I spent hours each day, tinkering and toiling away on those ancient toys, those mechanical fossils to bring them to life. Long ago they had made children smile, but they’d been tossed away, not even allowed the dignity of being treated like antiques.

Those incredible toys were thrown out like garbage, and I gave them new life.

The store never made much money, but I got by. The job was everything. My restorations meant something. But then Mr. Tenny cancelled our contract. I was kicked out. And again, all those toys were forgotten and abandoned. We were thrown out like garbage.

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September 8, 2010

A planet torn by prophecy and an ironic twist of fate, Parralos was a world divided. Two supercontinents on opposing sides of the world warred and battled for thousands of years over a rivalry spoken of in the broken utterings of an insane dreamer.

His words, immortalised in scripture and kept forever in the Temple of Twins, described two children born of the same mother. One would be the saviour of Parralos, and rise to protect the world, and the other would threaten to destroy Parralos. These children would be known immediately by their jet black hair, a feature no others on Parralos shared.

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To-do list

June 23, 2010
  • EDIT: Get a haircut
  • Practice guitar
  • Set up guitar lessons
  • Buy electric guitar
  • Buy amplifier
  • Maybe get a synth
  • Write and re-write comic script
  • Practice drawing
  • Draw Dalek webcomic
  • Draw own webcomics
  • Write prose
  • Apply for more work hours
  • Go bowling
  • Go ice-skating
  • Join ice hockey team maybe
  • Buy more toys
  • Buy more CDs
  • Buy more clothes
  • EDIT: Buy comics that I promised I would
  • EDIT: Get a tattoo
  • Get out more
  • Talk to people
  • Stop being so touchy and shy
  • Stop whining
  • Stop being an asshole
  • Learn to dance :/




June 14, 2010

A strange idea for a post, I thought to use Heromachine to create a character based on a theme. I want to turn this into some sort of regular game for me, UE and maybe some other friends.

Anyway, the theme I decided on for this first one was UE’s unofficial mascot. A bit more of a straight adaptation rather than an interpretation of the theme, I’ll admit, but whatever.


If you’re interested in the idea of this game, maybe make your own character, or suggest some themes for us.




June 6, 2010

Go here:

That is all.



Tales of Stuff

April 4, 2010

Earlier today, I tweeted that I wanted to try to get back into doing projects I’ve been working on for a while, in some cases years. I figure this is a good place to list all of those projects and give little descriptions of them. Might encourage me to actually do something. Might not. We’ll see. So here’s the list:

A project started by a strange word combination session I had with Esoteric, which is thus far a single post here on this blog and a few little plans and things. It’s the adventures of eskimo siblings Ina and Kimo, who I have just realised has a name kind of like ‘eskimo’, which I swear was unintended.

A story with another strange inspiration, this time a liking I took to the pants of enemies in FFVII, I began writing this for NaNoWriMo last November. Unfortunately my writing crashed and burned, but I still want to restart it. It’s a pirate story with machine guns pretty much.

Probably the biggest project I have, and one that’s been bouncing around in my head for a long time. It centres on the titular Cirque, which is a cover for a group trying to collect magical artefacts for safekeeping.

At the moment I’m considering this a comic, but we’ll see. A superhero comic without superpowers which follows the lives of a naive young hero and a police officer whose attempts to stop costumed killers leads to tragedy.

A comics parody (I guess) which is filled with fun stuff I thought up completely on my own. Okay some of it Safeer was involved with too, but at the time it had nothing to do with Block-Head and I just sort of included it.

There’s a few more, but these are probably the main ones I’m thinking about now, and some of the most fleshed out. For example, Cirque Ryoga’s end is pretty much planned out, and much of how to get there is also.

We’ll see where I take things from here. I’ll be sure to inform you of any progress, imaginary reader.


** Btw, it’s Easter, so happy chocolate holiday, again.**