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Plunder Down Under

March 12, 2010

Alestorm - Heavy Metal Pirates  
Today I bought tickets for Alestorm’s Plunder Down Under Tour. Really excited to see  them live. Not until June though 😦

Still, they’re great and I figure they’re worth mentioning here. check out their stuff there if you’ve never heard of them. My favourite song is probably the aptly named Pirate Song, although That Famous Ol’ Spiced is also up on the myspace so that’s cool too.

Additionally, I’m planning on getting tickets for Turisas (they’re here a month earlier than Alestorm). To Holmgard and Beyond is simply epic, but that can be said of pretty much any Turisas songs really.

If you love your power metal and haven’t heard of these two bands, you mustn’t love power metal enough! Get on them, quick!

-Vyperchild, Wolf of the Sea