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The Moon and The Truth

March 5, 2010

I never asked for the time so why are you taking my shoes? You aren’t listening to me at all are you? I’m telling you the sky is unhappy but you accidentally fell over.

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February 3, 2010

I don’t normally have dreams, or at least I don’t remember them upon waking, but the past few days I have been having dreams during the points where I’ve slept.

And they’ve been weird.

The first dream was a zombie apocalypse. It kind of freaked me out because of how far I was willing to go to survive. Like, not letting other survivors into a house I and other survivors were living in (including the actual owner), as well as at one point actually fighting off a human woman.

That dream also involved me fighting with a demonic Zoids Blitz Tiger toy. Weird.

The second one I can’t actually remember now. I did at the time though. So it sort of counts.

The one I had last night began with me going out to the car at the local shopping centre and taking a nap in it. When I woke up, I left the car and found a beheaded lion who had attempted to eat smaller animals. Applying logic, the cages/trailers they were in implied they were circus animals. After this, I went to find my mother and sister who were in one of the shops. On the way I was caught in the crossfire of a bunch of guys wielding machine guns. I got through it though, and went and found my mum. On the way through the store’s checkout she knocked someone else’s shopping over. I helped pick it up. Boring details! Then we left the store and fed some dogs.

Either there’s something I’m forgetting here or I was suddenly on my own again. Either way, I began to walk back to the car. The machine gun guys from earlier were getting into cars and about to leave when some bald guy threw a grenade at them. One of the guys saw the grenade and picked it up to throw back, so I pointed to show it was actually baldy that threw it. The guy threw it back at baldy but I don’t remember if there was an explosion. Can’t remember if the machine gun guys left then either, because I suddenly saw a guy about to fire an arrow at me.

He chased me for ages around the parking lot, firing arrows. Somehow he ended up getting quite close to me, so to escape I climbed up on some cars and ran away. But when I jumped down off the cars on the other side he was there, right in front of me. At point blank range, I tried to push the arrow away from me so that when he fired, it would miss. During this time he explained how he was a vampire hunter. /shrug. I managed to push the arrow far enough away from me, but I ended up bending the arrow until it pointed towards the guy’s face. Then he kind of let go and the arrow went into his mouth and stabbed him in the back of the throat.

Then it was somehow simultaneously the same day and also five years later, because I had a magazine detailing the guy’s recovery. Then I saw him, and I went up and APOLOGIZED. TO THE GUY THAT HAD HUNTED ME WITH A FRIGGING BOW AND ARROW.

Then he invited me to his birthday party.



** I wish I had dreams more often. Other than the zombie one scaring me a little, they were all hilarious. **


Your kind ain’t welcome here

January 26, 2010

And he got all dressed up and everything. Poor Mr. Skeleton :(




January 24, 2010

Happy Wall is happy



Snake Mountain

January 20, 2010

Snake Mountain

Just a random picture for no reason. In a similar ‘style’ to that I used in the latest Meanwhile comic on Unspeakable Evil, which you can find here. As always, it’s very surreal and disjointed, yet with a strange hint of logic. If you haven’t read UE’s previous Meanwhile comics, I implore you to do so.

And really, if you’re here on my blog, there’s no reason not to visit Unspeakable Evil. Or the personal blogs of the other two authors, Forte and Esoteric.

Go on, do it.


** While the style I use in the Meanwhiles will undoubtedly change, as the nature of the comic is that it changes focus and style with rapid succession, I think I will continue using this style here on sanity is for the weak and post maybe one or two pictures a week just because I feel like it. **