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I forgot

January 30, 2010

I had something I wanted to talk about. I can’t remember what it was though, so I’m going to try to retrace my steps to try to jog my memory.

I’m pretty sure I was thinking about it on the way home from work yesterday. Or maybe it was while I was walking TO work. I’m going to assume it was in the car coming home. I did say I was pretty sure. I’M PRETTY SURE IT WAS ON THE WAY HOME.

On the way home I was in the car with my mum. We were talking. Probably about my roster for next week. Don’t think that has anything to do with what I wanted to post though.

Anyway we went to the shopping centre near home. I asked my mum to get me a bag of cola bottle lollies.


She did. My mum’s awesome.

I also have to bite the ‘lid’ off the lollies. I’m weird like that.

Getting distracted. I got the bag of lollies, then we drove home.

And um…that’s it. Maybe what I wanted to post was actually thought up before work.


I guess you readers you reader I will just have to miss out on whatever awesome thing I wanted to write here.


** And I really wanted to post something other than a drawing this week. Oh well. **


A rectangle

January 29, 2010

perhaps it's more appropriate to call it a 'brick' :P



Your kind ain’t welcome here

January 26, 2010

And he got all dressed up and everything. Poor Mr. Skeleton :(




January 24, 2010

Happy Wall is happy



Snake Mountain

January 20, 2010

Snake Mountain

Just a random picture for no reason. In a similar ‘style’ to that I used in the latest Meanwhile comic on Unspeakable Evil, which you can find here. As always, it’s very surreal and disjointed, yet with a strange hint of logic. If you haven’t read UE’s previous Meanwhile comics, I implore you to do so.

And really, if you’re here on my blog, there’s no reason not to visit Unspeakable Evil. Or the personal blogs of the other two authors, Forte and Esoteric.

Go on, do it.


** While the style I use in the Meanwhiles will undoubtedly change, as the nature of the comic is that it changes focus and style with rapid succession, I think I will continue using this style here on sanity is for the weak and post maybe one or two pictures a week just because I feel like it. **



January 18, 2010

Dexter works. Just thought I should tell you that.

Because I’d hate for there to be any imaginary readers worrying about me making a bad purchase on the internet.

Like that time with the Russian bride.


She was one.

If I’d known beforehand…I’d have probably haggled a little.



** What the fuck did I just write? I should probably add a ‘ramblings’ tag to this post now. There we go. **


Fucking Corpse Clothing

January 17, 2010

A few days ago (I think it was Thursday) I got a package in the mail. I open it and take out an Amon Amarth beanie.

I ordered this beanie on the 6th of NOVEMBER.

The beanie was not posted until the 16th of DECEMBER.

It did not arrive until the 14th of JANUARY.

The fuck happened?

I don’t know/care, but I will not be purchasing from corpse clothing again, because two whole months is not a satisfactory delivery period.

In other news, I’ve bought more shirts and stuff online from other stores, such as Topatoco, Superhero Stuff and Stylin Online and they have all been brilliant. They are all recommended.

Another online purchase I made was for Dexter seasons 1, 2 and 3. It wasn’t until after I had paid that I realised that they were Region 1 DVDs, but it should still be okay probably maybe.


-Vyperchild, online shopper

** Guitar learnings have been a bit side-tracked so far, but I’ll be getting back into it this week. Also, I have been writing more Ice Champion and another story which may be a little dark in content. Probably still pretty crappy though. **