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1st Day of Uni 2010

March 8, 2010

Even though it’s Labour Day, my university stayed open today. I couldn’t be bothered going on a public holiday, so I spent the day in bed.

Thus I have skipped the very first day of uni.

Off to a great start. hahaha



They just wants my future moneys

August 11, 2009

I’m doing a programming course at Uni. Well, it’s a ‘software engineering’ course, but I’m sure most others who take the course, like myself, are doing it to learn programming.

So why the fuck are they teaching us about how quickly things travel over a cable?

I understand the want for breadth and whatnot, but when I am paying to learn how to make software, fuck off with all your hardware nonsense. You want breadth? Teach me Python, or C, or Perl. Don’t be like high school with fucking geography, teach me what I want to learn and give me those classes as electives.

Also, fucking Computer Organisation. The fuck is that. Take your decades-old assembly language crap and leave my fucking brain as you found it (dirty, but not soiled).


** Don’t think this is just about subjects I dislike. I don’t like Software Engineering Fundamentals much. But I know I need it, I see it’s uses. So even if I hate it, I still sort of want to learn it. **