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August 23, 2009

I’ve been reading Goats, a webcomic by Jonathan Rosenberg, and I really like it.

The comic follows the adventures of a fictional Jon and his drinking buddy Phillip and their chicken friend Diablo. Also there’s Fish, who is a fish.

In the beginning, the comic mostly focuses on these characters at the Peculier Pub, but before too long the plot evolves (somehow quite naturally) into an epic ‘save the multiverse’ quest.

Each strip is clever in that it advances the plot yet also contains a joke. Sure, that might not seem like much but it’s incredible in practice.

One warning though, the comic has gone for years. I am currently reading the comics from September 2008, so I’m still a year behind. It’s a long comic and you can’t just start reading, there is way too much plot.

Speaking of current readings, I’m reading the ‘Quantum of Hitlers’ story arc. The arc is essentially a movie some characters are watching. There are forty-nine strips in this arc. With 3-5 updates a week that means that people who were keeping up with the comic at the time were reading about characters watching a movie for at least ten weeks. Artificial plot-lengthening, but still fun. After all, who doesn’t love a Good Hitler flick? 😀

Anyway, check it out because all of the above etc. whatever. Go away.