DCUC: Flash and Kid Flash

February 4, 2011

Another pair of toys coming at you fucking quick-like:

The FlashThe Flash
Toys’R’Us Exclusive

Because Barry here was the only figure in Wave 7 not to come with a piece of Atom Smasher (it instead includes a stand) I decided to grab this exclusive figure which is a metallic repaint of the Wave 7 toy. The reason for this is mostly because what I had seen of the regular Flash made the yellow on his boots and such look far too gaudy. But that doesn’t mean this metallic scheme isn’t flawed itself, with the gold not being a very good contrast with the red. The stripes on the belt and forearms particularly don’t look too hot, but I guess that’s just the trade-off for the metallic scheme. I have no doubt that this figure will look great when stood up against the metallic Hal Jordan from the new Hal/Sinestro TRU two-pack which I plan on getting at some point.

Beyond the paint scheme, there is absolutely no reason to fault this figure. It’s the standard male buck, which I’ve said before is fantastic, and the little extra features like the ear-thingies are not in danger of coming off and breaking without purposefully being rough.

I am unsure if I will get the regular Wave 7 version at some point. I probably will if I can find one loose and for cheap. But until then, this figure gets a central place in my collection for being quite a good Flash.

Kid FlashKid Flash
Wave 7

This is the actual Wave 7 Kid Flash and is the Wally West version of the character. Firstly, the sculpt on this one is a little off-putting. He’s a little too muscular for Kid Flash in my opinion, and the scale just feels wrong. Standing him up against fellow Teen Titans Cyborg and Raven, and Robin too, he just looks tiny. He feels almost as out of scale with the other figures as Wave 3’s Sinestro does. However, the head sculpt is really good and I do like the rest of the figure.

The paint scheme is where things get tricky, because the reds and yellows are the same used on the Wave 7 Flash I didn’t get because I thought he looked gaudy. The fact is though, the colours do work. The yellow is far less bright than I expected and has a perfect amount of orange tinge to the shading to make it pleasant to look at, which is another reason I’m reconsidering getting that Wave 7 Flash. The red might be just a touch too pinkish, but that’s getting seriously nitpicky. However, the big issue with the paint is the hair. Why is it actually red? Like properly red? It should be orange. I just can’t understand why they’d do that.

Anyway, despite the problems, the figure is alright, and he looks great in the Teen Titans ensemble I’m still in the process of building (still need Beast Boy and Starfire, and perhaps the Dynamic Duo two-pack’s version of Tim Drake). He came with Collect and Connect Atom Smasher’s right arm.


Wave 7 will be rounded out in the next post with Big Barda and Atom Smasher.



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