DCUC: Aquaman and Captain Cold

February 1, 2011

WELL. Whatever. Toys:

Ocean Warrior AquamanOcean Warrior Aquaman
Wave 7

Everything about this toy is great. I’m serious. The complex paintjob is superbly executed with clean curved lines, his skintone doesn’t suggest he has been dipping his head in orange juice and his poseability is fantastic and he even stands well with his giant trident.

I still would have preferred not to get him.

The fact is that the only Aquaman I really want is the Arthur Curry from Wave 2 with his orange scaly costume. For the most part this toy purchase for me was just a completist thing. As soon as I do manage to get one of the insanely difficult to find Wave 2 Aquamen, this Ocean Warrior paint scheme will be going in the spare bits and accessories box.

As I said though, the figure is fantastic in it’s own right. But it was unnecessary and I think Wave 7 would have been better if this figure had been something else. I mean, there’s a few Flash figures already, so why couldn’t this have been another of the much need Rogues?

Anyway, he came with the torso for Atom Smasher

Captain Cold
Wave 7

A bit more positive here because hey, this figure doesn’t come across as such a cheap repaint! That’s because I believe this was either a whole new buck or a heavily modified version of the Wave 3 Sinestro buck (they’re both short). The sculpt is really good, with all the folds in his uniform looking realistic as well as his boots, gloves and hood being well textured. A few downsides to the sculpt come through in articulation, but surprisingly less than I expected. His head rotates well enough, and although his arms can’t go up too high because of the cowl, it’s rubbery and does have a little give. Oh and his holster and gun are both pretty cool.

The paintjob is probably the biggest issue I have, and it’s not really much of an issue at all which should prove that this is quite a good figure. To be honest, I wish the colours were different. The greys and whites look too dull, and th blue in particular doesn’t sit quite right with me. I guess I’d have preffered the blue to be closer to Superman’s blue and not quite so similar to Blue Beetle’s. It’s just too light for my taste.

Regardless, this is a great figure and a much needed villain in the line. As I said already, I want more Rogues to join Captain Cold. So come on Four Horsemen, give us a Captain Boomerang and a Mirror Master already.  Lastly:  he was packaged with the pelvis and head for Atom Smasher.


So. A post. There will be more of them.



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