DCUC: Booster Gold and Blue Beetle

November 22, 2010

Been a while. Sorry. But whatever. New toys means new posts, and here’s some guys I picked up ages ago at Armageddon Expo.

Booster Gold

Booster Gold (Classic Version)
Wave 7

A wonderfully cheap purchase, I had a choice between the classic version with the big collar or the current version who lacks the collar and has a slightly altered costume pattern. I chose the classic version mostly because it’s something different. The articulation on this figure is good, and I had no issues with any of his joints. The Skeets attachment is light, and does not impair the figure’s ability to stand in any way. Unfortunately, the Skeets plugs into a notch on Booster’s back, and the grip is just loose enough for Skeets to fall out quite often. It’s no trouble once posed, but a knock might make it drop.

Paint application is near faultless, and the use of clear yellow plastic for the goggles rather than the solid plastic on figures that were made with cost cuts in mind (Black Lightning…) is really great.

Booster’s a solid figure, and though he may not differ from the basic buck too substantially, he’s striking enough to not blend into the background. He comes packaged with the left leg of Collect and Connect Atom Smasher.

Blue BeetleBlue Beetle
Wave 7

Another spectacularly priced toy from Armageddon, this is the Ted Kord version of Blue Beetle (A Jaime Reyes version was released in Wave 13). Again, this figure has well-constructed and articulated joints, and I found no problems with gummy joints or anything. The figure is, like a few other figures in this wave, based on the standard male mold. He comes equipped with a fully-working holster (although the clip can be a pain to use) and a stumpy looking gun. It’s a bit of a shame that so few of these figures have hands posed with trigger fingers, but I guess that’s a minor issue.

The paint job on Blue Beetle actually is completely flawless, and I’m very impressed with the tidiness on all the lines and such, which had been inconsistent in earlier waves (or virtually non-existent on my yellow Sinestro). And again we have the clear plastic goggles which look even better on Ted.

This is probably my favourite figure from Wave 7, though I still haven’t seen Big Barda or a completed Atom Smasher. Incidentally, Ted comes with his right leg.


Next up I don’t know what I’ll do. I have some more Wave 7 figures, but I’m still waiting for a few to complete the wave, and I have a couple of new exclusive figures. So I guess we’ll see.



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