September 12, 2010

Perhaps one of the toys I was most looking forward to getting, San Diego Comic Con 2008’s Lobo figure was the first big exclusive in the DC Classics line.

Lobo in packaging 
Lobo’s packaging is specially made for the figure, and despite looking much like standard DCUC packaging from the front, is actually much larger, because Lobo is based on the body used for Collect and Connect Despero, making him much taller than a standard figure.

Back of the packaging 
The back of Lobo’s packaging is a bio with a pic of Lobo on his Spacehog (unfortunately not included with the toy).

Wanted Poster 
3D Glasses 
On the front of the packaging, the Lobo name card is actually a disguised pair of 3D glasses, which can be used on the hidden wanted posted in front of the card. Just a couple of cool little inclusions.

Lobo with chain and pistol

Now onto the really good stuff. Lobo’s paintjob is perfect. The only thing I could maybe say I don’t like would be that his jeans don’t quite look worn out enough, but that’s not important. All the details are perfectly picked out and his face especially looks amazing. Speaking of details, his sculpt is very good, with lots of little additions and intricacies, such as on his boots and belt. His jacket is the same rubbery stuff used for jackets on other characters like Solomon Grundy, but it’s also highly textured making it much better. Articulation-wise, he’s great and easily posed. The only joint I had any trouble with was the swivel on his right thigh, but it came unstuck with a little bit of pressure. His head doesn’t turn too far because of his hair, but who cares really? One last point on his articulation is the seemingly superfluous swivel joints at the top of his boots, meaning there are two swivels in each leg.

Lobo with big gun and Dawg 
Lobo comes with a number of accessories. His weapons include a pistol which can be placed in a holster, and a larger gun which I believe is just a repaint of Despero’s gun, but it works well with Lobo. He also includes his hooked chain weapon, which is attached to his arm, but is still quite cool and adds so much fun factor to this figure. He also comes with Dawg, who has ‘two’ points of articulation, one a swivel on his neck for his head, and another swivel on his neck for his collar. Seem silly to me. Finally, he comes with his own tiny pair of 3D glasses, which fit fine over his eyes and his forehead, and surprisingly don’t just fall off all the time, which is nice.

Another figure to join my favourites, he’s a toy with a fuckload of character and draws so much attention. I mean, he’s a badass heavy metal space biker, you can’t be more awesome than that unless you’re also a pirate. Simply put, he’s one of the most fun toys I own.



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