Mongul and Clayface

September 11, 2010

The two-pack characters I promised:

I believe this figure was a reissue of a Superheroes toy, and was released alongside a Cyborg Superman toy in the DC Classics line. Honestly, I wouldn’t have picked the character up if he wasn’t cheap, but I’m glad I did. The figure completely suits the character in terms of scale, being about a head/a head and a half taller than the other figures. His articulation is near perfect, with only his left shoulder being a problem (I don’t think it was put in quite right, as rotating it can get it caught on the socket and cause a bit of damage). The paint job is great, with only very minor and barely noticeable problems, and I’ve got to say, his shiny pink boots are adorable. I will be getting the repaint of this figure in the upcoming Green Lantern Classics line (otherwise known as Mongul 2) and I’m sure I’ll be pleased with that too.

Clayface was released with a mud-covered Batman, but I didn’t get him. Like Mongul, I managed to pick Clayface up for cheap, even though I would have paid more. But, perhaps it wouldn’t have been worth it. Clayface is a big unique figure, more articulated than you’d expect especially in his lower body where there are a number of joints that work much like the shoulders on other figures (rotation and vertical motion). The problem with this figure is his arms. Rather than being cast in plastic like the rest of the figure, they’re done in rubber, and are slightly different colour. They still look okay, and the difference in colour isn’t as bad as the photo suggests, but I would have preferred his arms to have been fully articulated, rather than just a shoulder swivel. Regardless, the figure has a lot of bulk to it which makes it look quite impressive.



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