Pokerace FR/LG Log: Part 14

March 13, 2010

Continued from Lance.

6:24 Or you would have been anyway. But someone else defeated the Elite Four first. His name is…DENISE.

6:24 *GASP*

6:25 Revive’d Simon. 1 Thunder left, no ethers because I forgot to plan for that :/ so I get 1 chance to Thunder Blastoise. Potion’d SIMON and ZOLO to full hp.

6:26 CHAMPION DENISE would like to battle!

6:26 Pidgeot vs ZOLO. Fucking Sand Attack. Suck that ICE BEAM still hit. DENISE withdrew Pidgeot and sent out Arcanine.

6:27 Switched out ZOLO for SCROTUM. Let it die. Sent out SIMON. Flamethrower. Drill Peck. Shit. Switched out to ASSHAT. Survived, was burned. Hyper Potion’d SIMON. ASSHAT fainted.

6:29 Brought in TERRANCE, remembered he had Earthquake (silly Brad). Arcanine fainted. DENISE sent out Blastoise. I switched to SIMON. THUNDER MISSED GODDAMN IT. Thunder Wave then whatever.

6:31 Hydro Pump killed me. ZOLO sent out. Fly. Tiny damage. Next Hydro Pump critical’d.

6:32 Blastoise vs TERRANCE. It’s back to the beginning of the game. RECURSION FOR THE WIN. Earthquake/Bite. Smokescreen/wasn’t paying attention. Flamethrower fail/Bite. Earthquake/paralyzed. Blastoise used Sitrus Berry. Earthquake/Bite. Earthquake/Bite. He’s in red health. Item expected.

6:34 Full Restore used. Earthquake follows, 4 PP left. Earthquake/Rain Dance. Earthquake/Bite. Earthquake/Bite. Hyper Potion because last pokemon and don’t want to risk it. Blastoise used Bite.


6:36 Only four pokemon to go. /facepalm. Rhydon sent out.

6:37 Revive on ZOLO. Critical hit Rock Tomb on TERRANCE. Revive’d TERRANCE. Rock Tomb killed ZOLO. This isn’t going to work.

6:38 Smokescreen. Rock Tomb missed. Revive’d ZOLO again. Rock Tomb kills TERRANCE. Revive’d TERRANCE. Rock Tomb killed ZOLO. Smokescreen again. Rock Tomb missed. (I am a lucky bastard).

6:40 Revive’d ZOLO yet again. Rock Tomb missed. Flamethrower/Rock Tomb. TERRANCE goes down. ZOLO used Water Pulse. Rhydon fainted.

6:42 Pidgeot. Full Restore. ICE BEAM. Revive’d SIMON. Full Restore on Pidgeot again. Aerial Ace/Ice Beam. Ice Beam at 0 PP. Aerial Ace/Water Pulse. Hyper Potion on ZOLO.

6:43 Aerial Ace. Aerial Ace/Water Pulse. Pidgeot fainted. Alakazam sent out. Last pokemon for him. I have two 🙂

6:44 Psychic kills damn. SIMON sent out. Revive’d TERRANCE. SIMON loses to Psychic. Reflect/Flamethrower. Alakazam at half health and burned. All out of Revives, so Hyper Potion’d TERRANCE. He critical’d with Psychic, but I survived with 20HP.

6:46 Hyper Potion’d again. Psychic. Full Restore damn. Flamethrower. Psychic/Flamethrower. I’m on 20 hp again. BUT FLAMETHROWER KILLS.

6:48 Okay I was wrong. He had another pokemon.

6:48 Exeggutor sent out. Hyper Potion for the safety. Egg Bombed in response. Flamethrower almost kills/Sleep Powder gets me. Used Awakening (I know I have the flute, but why not get rid of them?). Egg Bombed. FLAMETHROWER.


6:49 Oak: Grandson, I’m disappointed in you. Go die in a hole somewhere.

6:50 ASSHAT entered into the hall of fame lulz. Watched credits.

Note: many of the times in this one are approximates due to being mid-battle.

Up next: Probably not much for a while because I haven’t played in a while!

But then: National Dex!



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