Pokerace FR/LG Log: Part 13

March 12, 2010

Continued from Agatha.

6:14 In front of Lance. TERRANCE is still lvl 56, SIMON is lvl 51 and ZOLO is lvl 50. Topped up HP with some Super Potions.


6:16 XD Gyarados vs SIMON. THUNDER’d. Aerodactyl vs SIMON. Aerodactyl outspeeds? No way. Anyway, survived Ancient Power then Thunder Waved. Drill Peck for the lols. Ancient Power kills, switch to ZOLO. Ice Beam’d.

6:18 Dragonair vs ZOLO. Ice Beam’d again. Another Dragonair. Another Ice Beam.

6:21 Dragonite vs ZOLO. Dragonite used Outrage, less than half my hp gone. Dragonite just survived Ice Beam. Damn. Used Fly expecting Full Restore, didn’t happen. Fly critical’d anyway so I won.

Up next: the Pokémon League Champion!



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