Pokerace FR/LG Log: Part 9

March 8, 2010

Continued from Giovanni.

5:07 Went back to Fuchsia and gave Gold Teeth to Warden. Got Strength.

5:07 Taught Strength to PENIS lol. Realised it also has Helping Hand. PENIS used Helping Hand. WIN. I AM AWESOME.

5:08 Bought a bunch of Max Repels, Revives and Hyper Potions at Cinnabar, then went to fight DENISE.

5:14 DENISE beaten fairly easily. Flamethrower burning really killed Blastoise and Rhyhorn.

5:19 In Victory Road. Used one of my Max Repels. Also: PENIS used Strength. PENIS’s Strength made it possible to move boulders around. GENIUS.

5:26 Caught a lvl 44 Machoke. Named it TINY COCK.

5:30 Exited Victory Road.

Up next: Elite Four Lorelei!



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