June 21, 2009

Sometimes, warhammer leads to some awesome discoveries. Hello Kitty space marines (which are everywhere nowadays), hippy necrons and pink fluffy land raider tanks. Other such examples are the following.

This is a Necron Monolith, a floating super-laser tank fortress thing:

necron monolithThis is Megatron, leader of the decepticons:

Megatron And this is fucking badass:


And people think Monoliths are hard to kill NOW. Just wait till you have to put up with the inevitable return of this guy as Super-Monolith Galvatron.

I would love to actually build a model for this (If I had any sculpting skill). Of course, making a transforming mini would be damn near impossible, but still. I mean, he’s got a gauss flux arc attached to his fucking knees! His knees!

Also, want to see Unicron made into a Necron World Engine.

However, that isn’t the only Transformers/Warhammer 40K crossover I found. An awesome site called automarines.com is all about combining these two franchises.

One example is this converted space marine dreadnought made to look like, well, y’know.

AUTOM1006Additionally, the site has some Deceptitau, my favourites of which are these simple Megatron and Shockwave Crisis Suit conversions.


Hooray for crossovers!


After noticing that the Ork Trukk had a trailer connection, a guy named madscuzzy decided to use it to build Orktimus Prime:

IMG_1466That’s what happens when you get those crazy Orks to build a Transformer. Kinda looks like Optimus if he was from the Planet of Junk =D

BUT, this madscuzzy, like any converter, is insane. He was not content just to have such a beautiful Trukk. He had to take his evil genius to the next level.

So, in some Ork Big Mek’s workshop somewhere, madscuzzy did the impossible. He did this:

IMG_1478 IMG_1476 IMG_1483 IMG_1487


Orktimus Prime is my fucking hero. Madscuzzy too.

I’z Orktimus Prime an’ I darez ta be WAAAAAAAGGHH!!

-Vyperchild, who hopes to one day add ch-ch-ch-ch to his repertoire of 40K sound effects.

** Just for fun, a couple of fun non-TF related Warhammer pics.

In the grim darkness of the distant future, there is only Hello Kitty:

HelloKittyMarines3 1244817590071 Also:


Dreadnought. In the butt. I had to say it.

blood And of course, the old favourite. Bloodletters XD **



  1. Pretty awesome/hilarious stuff there. The Monolith looks like a Dalek.

  2. DO WANT THAT OPTIMUS PRIME.Everytime I see you say Monolith I think of this:http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/monolith.jpg

  3. lol but necron monoliths are better. They like, fucks the universe with giant magnetic laser beams.I'm definitely inspired to build my own Orktimus (and maybe even a Morkatron :D), so perhaps once my current daemons project is finished I'll buy an Ork Trukk kit and some plasticard and give it a go.Transforming ork vehicles open up a whole range of opportunities for being a cheap bastard. One game you use it as a deffkopta, the next it's Blackout the Killa Kan. Or a Starscream Fighta Bomma! Or a Bumblebee Buggy. Or a Rhinox Squiggoth. OMG. OMG. NEED RHINOX SQUIGGOTH. And a looted Slaaneshi Land Raider with Sonic Blasters as Soundwave! OMG I'M TOTALLY DOING A TRANSFORMERS THEMED ORK ARMY.

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